Terms of Service

By continuing to use this colorVerb site after reading these Terms of Service you are deemed to have agreed to the terms in their entirety.

Access to colorVerb Network and Systems

Access to colorVerb computer network and/or telecommunications systems (“colorVerb Network”), shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

Authorization to use the colorVerb Network is specifically conditional on compliance with any technical requirements in these Terms of Service, and any written communication provided by colorVerb with respect to the access method. Users may not cause, permit, or authorize any change, modification, enhancement, variation, or addition to these requirements without the prior written consent of colorVerb.

  1. Users agree that colorVerb reserves the right to monitor the User’s computer systems or other source devices while such devices are actively connected to or communicating with colorVerb’s Network or equipment, and intercept Customer’s communications traversing the colorVerb Network or equipment at any time and without prior notice.  
  2. Users agree that colorVerb may further impose certain technical requirements or limitations upon a user’s access and/or the user’s computer systems for purposes of access to the colorVerb Network in accordance with colorVerb’s third party connectivity standards such as may be required for establishing business to business (B2B) or other direct connections to the user’s computers, including requiring user organizations to provide to colorVerb the names of all personnel assigned to perform the Services.  User organizations shall notify colorVerb immediately of any changes in such personnel in order to permit colorVerb to promptly revoke access to colorVerb’s systems and colorVerb’s Network.  If colorVerb grants access to the colorVerb Network via a user’s computer or other user access device, the user agrees that prior to beginning such access it will have installed and activated up-to-date security products on such device, including but not limited to a host intrusion prevention software or firewall, full disk encryption in accordance with this Terms of Service, and comprehensive anti-malware software (including virus and spyware protection).  If the user becomes aware of any security issue (e.g. malware infection) with its access device while connected to the colorVerb Network, the user will disconnect immediately and notify colorVerb promptly (but within not more than 24 hours upon discovery).

Access to the colorVerb Network and associated applications shall be solely for the purpose of providing designated Services to you.  You may not use the colorVerb Network, directly or indirectly, for any of the following purposes:

  1. To transmit to or receive from or communicate with networks, persons or entities other than colorVerb and its officers and employees, except with prior written consent of colorVerb (for example, one customer location may not use the colorVerb Network to communicate directly or indirectly with other customer locations);
  2. To establish a peer to peer network connection between a user’s computer and any computer on the colorVerb Network, the Internet, or the user’s own network, without colorVerb’s prior written consent;
  3. To use third party email or file transfer services (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Google, Dropbox, etc.);
  4. To conduct any kind of business or transaction other than with, or for the benefit of, colorVerb;
  5. To copy or store private or Personal Data;
  6. For any illegal or unlawful purpose, or to engage in any activity which would violate any law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or decree of any governmental authority, or cause colorVerb to be in violation of any such law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or decree, or which could subject colorVerb to any sanction, civil or criminal;
  7. To access any data and/or network to which the user does no have prior authorization from colorVerb;
  8. To upload, post, e-mail, otherwise transmit, or post links to any material that contains malicious software, bots, viruses, spam, time bombs, trap doors or any other computer code, files or programs or repetitive requests for information designed to intercept, transmit, or otherwise gain unauthorized access to information or to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the colorVerb Network, telecommunications equipment, or data, or any other party’s network, or to diminish the quality of, interfere with the performance of, or impair the functionality of the colorVerb Network or any other party’s network.
  9. To infringe or to misappropriate any patent, trademark, copyright, moral right, trade secret, or other similar right of colorVerb or any third party;
  10. To access any information that is confidential or proprietary to colorVerb, its clients, or its third party partners, except on a “need to know” basis in connection with the Services;
  11. To violate any agreement between the user and colorVerb;
  12. To knowingly cause colorVerb to violate any agreement between colorVerb and any third party, or;
  13. To use words, phrases or symbols that may be viewed as inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, harassing or otherwise compromising to any person. 

For any queries relating to these Terms of Service please contact us at privacy@colorVerb.com